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Eating to Create a Sense of Place 

I can’t even begin to express my admiration and continual amazement for all lifeforms that we generally categorize as “plants.”  Food, real food, is our direct attachment to the earth and the myriad of creatures and systems that inhabit it.  From the elements in the air, to the micro organisms of the soil, to the running streams, to the energy from the sun–these all come together to support the life forms that in turn we consume to support ourselves.

Food has long been a cornerstone of culture, itself the product of a locality’s weather, landscape and biology. Eating food that is grounded in your same landscape, in your same season, gives us the gift of truly belonging to a place and time, to be immersed and in line with the very rhythms that we rely on for life.  Local and seasonal eating grounds you, it localizes you, inside community, inside a geography, inside a time that is meaningful and fulfilling.  This is what growing food means to us.  This is what eating within the restrictions and benefits of our landscape has given us.  We hope it does the same for you!

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