Share Sizes + Pricing

All our shares run for 18 weeks and focus on a mix of in-season vegetables, weekly herbs,  along with the occasional special item like edible flowers.  Several boxes contain cantaloupe or watermelon.  Browse through the pictures of last year’s shares or view last year’s newsletters on our Newsletter page.


Full share (3/4 bushel): $590 


Perfect for a household of 4, split between friends, or household of 2 or 3 avid veggie eaters.  Receive the greatest variety and quantity of produce that we offer including items not in other share sizes.

Medium Share (1/2 bushel):$415


Great for household of 2 or 3 average veggie eaters.  Medium shares provide a nice balance of quantity and variety equal to 2/3 the amount of produce as full shares.  By far our most popular share size and what we recommend for those who have never been in a CSA before.

Small Share: $305


Small shares receive 1/3 the amount of produce as full shares.  Ideal for individuals as well as households that want a steady supply of CSA goods but also want to shop at farmers markets, grocers, or their own garden for additional produce.   Small shares are designed to provide appropriate portions for smaller meal planning (think several carrots per bunch instead of ten) as well as a smaller variety of items with a stronger focus on staples.

Payment Options

Choose to pay for your share in one, two, or four monthly installments.Your first installment will be due two weeks after you sign up. Each following installment is due every 30 days until paid in full.

Once you sign up you will receive an invoice by email. You can choose to pay securely by credit card through the e-invoice or mail a check to the farm.

Paying in advance of the season allows us to purchase the seed, fertilizer, and the hired help needed in the months leading up to the first harvest of the year. Without your early support we would not be able to make the farm happen, so, thanks!



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