Spring is here!

Hello members, friends, and family! Spring is here! The greenhouse is full and believe it or not, we’ve already planted peas and carrots in the fields. Our first full-time crew member, Ted, joins us in just over a week, with Hannah joining in mid-May and Nicole in early June as soon as she gets out […]

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Time to Order Seeds!

It may be the dead of winter but we are busy thinking about what everyone will be eating this summer! We’ve got a big order this year, and a bunch of new crops that we are excited about. We’ve got some new cherry tomatoes, some new greens, and we are going to put in a […]

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Fall Extension Share Week 2

Hello everyone! You wouldn’t know it’s fall by the weather around here! Sunny, 70, and wearing only a t-shirt to harvest? It’s equal parts enjoyable and weird! We’ve never in our six years of harvest seen it this warm. In fact, we’re still holding off on planting our 6,000 cloves of garlic-it’s just too warm, they’d […]

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Fall Extension Share Week 1

  Fall Box Week 1 Good day dear members, It seems like forever ago that we packed the last regular season box. It’s good to be bringing produce out of the fields again and sending them off to good homes. It’s been a few years since we’ve done the extended shares, growing in the late […]

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Week 18

full share medium share small share   Well, folks, this is it! It’s the last regular box of the year. It has been a great season and we are so honored that you have shared it with us. The new farm would not have existed this year without the great support of our members. It means a lot to […]

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Week 17

full share medium share small share Good day members, Don’t worry! There is still one more week of regular-season shares after this week. It’s hard to believe that it is already October (it certainly does not feel like October outside). The unusually warm weather sure makes it nice to work outside in the fields-we were […]

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Week 16

     full share medium share small share Hello everyone! Welcome to Week 16! As I type this newsletter, it’s only 7 p.m but already getting dark outside. Brandon and Maybelle are taking one last scramble through the tomato patch to find something, anything, for a farewell BLT sandwich. Frank has an added spring in his […]

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