Mushroom Share Week 1

From Mushroom Farmer Jeremy:
Hello mushroom CSA members and welcome to your first share!  This week’s share are oyster mushrooms from Mississippi Mushrooms in Minneapolis.  They are grown on coffee grounds or agricultural debris.  You’ll be getting either gray oysters or king oysters depending on when you pick up this week.
Oysters have a sweet, woodsy flavor.  One of my favorite recipes with oysters is mushroom bruschetta, for which I’m attaching a recipe.  It’s simple, quick, adaptable, and delicious.  The flavor of king oysters is quite similar, but they are firmer, and you are mostly eating the stem (rather than cap) of the mushroom!  You can cut them into coins and use like you would the grays in the brushetta, but they are also great sauteed in olive oil and then atop pizza, or in many other recipes.
We try to vary what sort of mushrooms you’ll get – between other mushroom farmers, foragers, and of course mushrooms from the CTHM farm!  If you’d like to learn more about us, you can find us on facebook, twitter, our website, or you can email my wife Aimee to get on our weekly newsletter:
I hope you enjoy your mushroom share.  Thanks!
Mushroom Bruschetta Recipemushroom and chevre bruschetta_sg csa
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