Transplants, Field Prep, and Planting Services for CBD Oil Hemp Production

Looking for a way to start growing hemp for CBD oil without purchasing all the equipment? We will grow your seedlings, prep your field, lay plastic mulch and drip lines, and transplant into your fields. With over seven years experience growing greenhouse and transplant crops you can be sure that your hemp fields get off to a great start. Just need transplants started? No problem. Can do your own field prep but still want help planting? Sure thing. Mix and match our services to get what you need. Contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page or calling 715 607 1096 to see how are services can fit into your business plan.


We offer high quality hemp transplants for CBD oil grown from feminized seed. Transplants are grown in 72 cell trays with organic starter fertilizers in our in-floor heated greenhouse. We can deliver your transplants to your field if you are located within 60 miles of Amery, WI. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or call us 715 607 1096 to inquire about plants or place an order.

Purchased DatePrice
Before March 1st$ 3.00 per plant
After March 1st $ 3.50 per plant
Plant Delivery (within 60 miles of Amery, WI)$50 per 1500 plants
  • 1,500 plants per acre recommended
  • Minimum purchase: 72 plants (1 tray)
  • We work with producers to determine what varieties are started for them based on preferences and seed availability. Current varieties include T2 Trump, Cherry Wine, and Stormy Daniels. Other varieties may be requested
  • If you would like to provide your own seed we will subtract $0.90 from the cost of each plant
  • 50% down payment payment required
  • Plants ready for pickup or delivery between May 25th and June 8th
  • All plant sales pending appropriate licensing from the State of WI

Field Prep and Planting

Hemp for CBD oil is not grown like traditional field crops. We provide custom field prep, mulch & drip line laying, and transplanting to make sure your crop is established correctly. Our specialty equipment and years of experience will improve the timing and health of your crop, setting you up for a successful season. Our equipment is ideal for plots that are between 1/2 and 2 acres in size. We offer this service for farms within 60 miles of Amery, WI.

Field Prep

Fields utilizing plastic mulch should be chisel plowed and roto-tilled or finely disked to achieve a fine tilth for easy mulch laying and transplanting. Large clods and plant debris from weeds or previous crops will adversely impact the success of mulch laying and transplanting. Surface rocks should be removed from field to prevent equipment damage.

Mulch & Drip Tape Laying

We custom lay plastic mulch with drip tape underneath. Fields must be properly prepped for the mulch layer to work correctly. We can also install main water lines to the drip tape if requested.


Waterwheel transplanting with organic starter fertilizer ensures plants get a healthy start and adapt quickly to their new environment. We will provide the starter fertilizer free of charge but will need access to water. Plants can be dry planted, but it is not recommended for such a high value crop.

ServiceBase Fee*Additional cost per hour after 4 hour base fee**
Field Prep $500, includes 4 hrs field work$100/hr
Mulch & Drip Laying$600, includes 4 hrs field work$150/hr
Transplanting$600, includes 4 hrs field work$150/hr
*Base Fee includes labor and equipment. Materials such as plastic mulch and drip line will be charged in addition to, or provided by the grower.
**Estimate 3-4 hours per half acre for all tasks. Times will vary based on field conditions.

Contact us to find out more about our services or place an order. Fill out the form below for inquiries. Every grower’s situation is different and will have unique considerations. Let’s make sure you are set up for a successful growing season. Call or text at 715 607 1096 or email at

Click below to submit inquiry. We will get back to you within 2 business days. Call or text us at 715 607 1096 for a quicker response. Orders for plants or services can be placed after initial conversation to ensure our services meet the needs of your operation. All plant sales pending appropriate licensing from the State of WI.

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