Fall Share Week 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to our very last newsletter of the year! We are delivering the last boxes of the fall shares this week, and then we’ll be off to San Diego for some much needed and loooooooong overdue R & R. Maybelle is so excited to celebrate her 3rd birthday in sunny California! We are […]

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Fall Share Week 1

Hello good members, The glorious warm fall days have come to an abrupt end. Planning for harvest this time of the year is a bit of a wild card. Generally we plan for crops to reach near maturity around late September/early October when a combination of cool temps and shorter daylight hours brings growing to […]

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Week 18

full share    medium share small share first frosty morning since spring today Well folks, we’ve made it to the end of the regular season. This time of year is always bittersweet. It is sweet seeing all the planning and work come full circle-the satisfaction of completing the main objective of our year: providing you […]

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Week 17

full share medium share  small share The time has come! We are looking at our last two weeks of boxes, and we’re surprised as always by how fast the growing year is going. The tomatoes are all gone (what a great season we had! We gave out over 2,500 pounds!), the corn is mowed down, […]

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Week 16

full share medium share small share Greetings! Thanks to everyone who came out for the member party, we had a great time! There was excellent food, good conversation and apple cider pressing. Fall is really setting in this week, going straight from hot and sunny to cool and wet. The cooler weather is welcome, a […]

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Week 15

full share medium share small share Good day all, Well, after some nice warm weather it is starting to undeniably feel like fall.  We are officially done with planting for the season (yes, we were still planting up until last week!) and there are more fields that are mowed down than have crops in them. […]

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Week 14

full share medium share small share Hello friends and members! Welcome to Week 14! It’s the first fall box, featuring your first delivery of winter squash. Hooray! While it’s hard to say goodbye to summertime veggies like tomatoes and corn, I think most of us are ready to get cozy and have a less frenzied […]

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