Week 10

full share medium share small share Honey Time! Our dear friend and long-time CSA member Mark Adams is beginning to extract honey from the hives he maintains on local (like, only Polk County, Wisconsin!) organic family farms. We are offering his honey for our members to order. We use his honey exclusively, and can vouch […]

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Week 9

full share medium share small share Hello all, We hope you’ve been enjoying the cooler weather we’ve been having–we sure have. We even got some rain the past week to boot. Not only do the plants seem to enjoy rain water more than irrigation water (there’s something in the water from the sky that ground […]

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Week 8

full share medium share small share   Hope everyone has been keeping cool in this hot hot heat! We are finally starting to see some more summer staples creep into the box. Snap beans are finally here! There were two plantings that failed due to too much heavy rain this spring (beans are very susceptible […]

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Week 7

full share   medium share    small share Hello friends and members! Welcome to week 7! For starters, EVERYONE SHOULD BE MAKING PESTO THIS WEEK! You have no good excuse not to! And don’t tell me you won’t because you don’t have any pine nuts! Any nut will do (our favorite around here is almonds)–or […]

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Week 6

Hello everybody, We’ve had our third major storm of the season come through very early on Wednesday morning. Winds reportedly got up to 60 mph! The good news is most of the crops fared pretty well. The corn was flattened but seems to be making its way upright again. Some onions had their tops bent […]

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Week 5

full share    medium share small share Hello everybody, It is feeling like the dog days of summer around here. Hot and humid! One of our favorite things about living in this part of the world is how distinct the different times of year feel. Each season is greeted like an old friend, bringing back […]

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Week 4

Full share (above) Medium share Small share   Hello friends, family, and members! Happy Holiday! We love the 4th of July around here! We love the grilling, the promise of corn and tomatoes around the corner, and most importantly, we love celebrating what we believe our country must always celebrate: freedom of thought, religion, and […]

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