Planting bulbils in rain gutters for easy management.

100 German Extra Hardy bulbils for $8, shipping included.

Bulbils can be an inexpensive way to build up your garlic supply.

If left to flower, a garlic’s scape will produce these “false” seeds. Not technically a seed because they are genetic clones of the parent plant, bulbils can be thought of as tiny garlic cloves.

Scape flower filled with bulbils

Bulbils will grow into a larger single bulb the first year. Plant a second year and they will grow into a small garlic head with multiple cloves. After 4 or 5 years of replanting they will become normal sized garlic.

Patience is rewarded.

100 bulbils cost about the same as 5 heads of garlic. 5 heads of garlic replanted every year will yield about 600 heads after five years. 100 bulbils replanted every year will yield about 2400 heads after five years.

For more in depth look at bulbils, visit this great garlic site.

Bulbils fully grown, 1st summer—looks a lot sprouting onions or grass, make sure planting area is weed free or they will be very hard to find.
2nd year, sprouting.

100 bulbils for $8, shipping included. Call or email to place your order.

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