Fall Share Week 2

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our very last newsletter of the year! We are delivering the last boxes of the fall shares this week, and then we’ll be off to San Diego for some much needed and loooooooong overdue R & R. Maybelle is so excited to celebrate her 3rd birthday in sunny California!

We are finishing planting our garlic this week-it’s a tough, cold, and muddy job but it’s always best to wait as long as possible before putting it into the ground. We’re planting about 8,000 so we look forward to having lots of garlic around next year. A special thanks to our late-comer, Johnna, for putting in so many hours getting this job done!

We have just a few more chores left to finally put the farm to bed for the winter, and we look forward to a time of rest, reflection, and the ability to spend quality time with each other once again.

Heather planting garlic on a cold snowy muddy day
Garlic cloves ready to go in the ground
Maybelle watching cartoons while Brandon picks brussels sprouts

What’s in the box:

Box 1:

Brussels Sprouts-1 1/2#

Kale-1 bunch

Cauliflower-1 head

Thyme-1 bunch

Kabocha or Buttercup Squash-1 each


Cabbage-1 head


Box 2:




Garlic-2 heads

Delicata or Jester Squash-2 heads


Recipes and Notes:

Storage: Much of these items are repeats of the first fall share box, and the storage instructions are the same. For the potatoes, it’s best to switch them to a paper bag so they can breathe a bit and have light blocked. A cool, dry spot is good, don’t refrigerate! The thyme can be used fresh or dried, in the same way as the sage: tie a string or piece of twine to the bundle and hang it from a cabinet knob in your kitchen. You could also try something fun like making herb-infused salt.

Winter Squash: The Delicata and Jester should probably be eaten first, if you can. The softer fully edible skins on these little squash make them the first of all the winter squash to get soft. If kept in a cool dry place they will last for many, many weeks, though. Here’s a nice article with recipes on Kabocha Squash. Here’s one on Buttercup squash!

Don’t forget to take advantage of our recipe page for great ideas on what to do with all your fall share items, and check out some of our favorite cooking sites for even more ideas: the Kitchn, NYTimes Cooking, Martha Stewart, and Heidi Swanson.

We have loved being your farmers for the year, and honored that you chose to keep getting our produce into the fall! We are grateful for your presence and support, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your membership. Have a blessed, warm and cozy fall and winter!

All the best from all of us,

Heather, Brandon, Maybelle, Michele and Johnna


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