Week 13

Small share, above


Medium share, above


Full share, above


Good day to all,

It sure feels like fall is coming, even with the couple of hot days this past weekend. We are already starting to see some trees turn out here, and the sound of geese migrating overhead is becoming more common. Another phenological sign: the CSA farmer starts checking their harvest schedule to see when the first winter squash goes in boxes. And what does he or she find? Next week!

That also, sadly, means that tomatoes are on their way out. Looks like we hit peak tomatoes last week, the plants are starting to wind down their production. By this time of year, disease, particularly early blight, has taken out a good number of plants. Plants that are left are slowed down significantly by lowering temperatures, especially lower night time temps. Speaking of fall, here’s the details of our favorite fall activity, the member party!

Sunday, September 24th


803 60TH STREET-AMERY, WI.-54001

10 AM TO 2 PM

We’ll send out more reminders and details as we get nearer to the date, but all members are welcome. We will be making a big old pot of soup, some snacks, plus we think we’ll have apples ready to press for fresh cider! Leave your pets at home, but bring your kids, your muckin’ around boots, a side dish or treat if you’re inclined, and some time to enjoy the property! We’ll take people on a few tours, and have lawn games for those who’d like to relax. RSVPs are encouraged so we know how much to prepare for. We are SO EXCITED to see everyone and show off the farm!

One of our two tomato patches with mowed aisles (the tomato plants kind of look like unruly bushes at this time of year). The rebar rods sticking up are our trellising supports. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the bottom half of most of the plants have no living leaves due to the common disease early blight.
 Cherry tomato plants with mowed aisle earlier this season, right before they started putting fruit on. That’s a lot of plants to pick.
A nice looking bed of beets–should be seeing these in the boxes soon! Fall cabbage to the right.


What’s in the Box

  • Tomatoes (1.5 lb small, 1.5 lbs medium, 2 lbs full)
  • Broccoli or Cherry Tomatoes
  • Sweet Corn (2 small, 4 medium and full)
  • Garlic (1 everybody)
  • Peppers (1 everybody)
  • Spring Greens (5 oz small and full)
  • Onions (medium and full)
  • Shelling Beans (medium and full)
  • Cilantro (medium and full)
  • Mustard Greens (medium and full)



Recipes and Notes

Tongue of Fire Shelling Beans

Shelling Beans are a fun item that mediums and fulls are getting this week. Unlike the snap beans you’re used to getting, these beans are meant to have the beans removed from the pod and eaten like you would canned or dry beans. Discard the pods, and cook the beans like you would a dry bean by boiling, adding to a soup or broth. Since they are fresh and not dried, they will cook faster than a dry bean. These beans have great texture and a nice mild buttery taste–very pleasing and fun to shell.

Fresh Shell Bean and Tomato Stew-this looks great for a chilly week ahead!

Martha’s Guide to Shell Beans-thank goodness for the thorough research and great recipes here!


Sneak Peek at Next Week

  • Broccoli
  • Peppers
  • Winter Squash
  • Beets


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