Week 12

IMG_3902full share
IMG_3895 (1)medium share
IMG_3893small share  


Hello everyone!

We hope this finds you enjoying the lovely weather once again. It’s really time to get serious-to savor every last drop of summer right now. Did you know the average first frost for the year is only three weeks away?! That’s right-frost! We are always a little stunned when we look at the calendar and it’s Week 12, with only 6 more boxes of regular CSA season left. It goes fast, this life–farming, raising a kid, getting a new property set up. I can remember when we first viewed this farm and I knew in my heart that I wanted it to be our home. I can remember bringing Maybelle, little 9 month-old roly-poly Maybelle, to the farm before we had even moved in. Now she’s a full blown toddler–she sits cross-legged on the couch all by herself, munching on raisins and looking at books. And it all seems like it was both years ago and minutes ago.  I am forever grateful for my profession of farming, and its insistence on the present moment. May we continually have the presence of mind to pay attention to these moments as they race on by, knowing that one season inevitably gives way to another.


IMG_3867these pretty pink flowers will soon turn into snap beans


Maybelle giving a kiss to the ever-growing giant pumpkin
IMG_3888Lots and lots of tomatoes. There will be about 500 lbs of tomatoes coming out of the field and into boxes this week, not to mention a good 100 lbs or so that are harvested but don’t make the cut.


What’s in the box:

Tomatoes-2# for small shares, 3# for medium shares, 4# for full shares!

Peppers-1 each for small shares, 2 each for medium and full shares

Hot Peppers (jalapeno) -1 each for small and medium shares, 2 each for full shares

Broccoli (or kale for smalls)-about 1 1/4# for small and medium shares, about 1 1/2# for full shares

Sweet Corn-2 for small shares, 4 for medium, 6 for full

Basil-1 bunch for all share sizes

Kale-1 bunch for medium and full shares (smalls may get kale instead of broccoli this week too)

Eggplant-about 1# for full shares

Mustard greens-1 bunch for full shares

Chives-1 bunch for full shares


It’s back-to-school week for many of you so we’re keeping it simple…these dishes should all be doable in less than an hour! Here’s a shout-out to perhaps my favorite group of people in the online food world-the weekly Cooking newsletter from the New York Times. I’d seriously suggest you get on their mailing list, we find gems every single week.

Peppers-The Italian, or frying peppers, are coming in strong right now! Everyone will start seeing them in their boxes for the next few weeks, and of course there will be the big blow-out Fajita Box when the first frost threatens. For now, enjoy them as you would any sweet or bell pepper…especially in something classic like this Italian Pepper and Sausage Dinner!

IMG_3898Green, yellow and red italian frying peppers on the left. Your hot pepper of the week, jalapeno, on the right.

Broccoli-You can have the entire couscous salad finished by the time you’ve grilled some chicken breasts or cut up a rotisserie chicken. Done! We are also big fans of the broccoli stir-fry featured on our website-add that rotisserie chicken, or saute some shrimp, and you’ll be on your way to homework in a jiffy!

Tomatoes-Really, why not have the ultimate, The BLT, for dinner one night? It’s such a treat, and friends, frost is around the corner and those beauties’ days are numbered…here’s a fun take on the BLT. By the way, both kale and mustard greens make a great substitute for lettuce. For our dear vegetarian friends, how about a nice pasta with goat cheese dinner that takes advantage of your basil, too?

Sweet Corn-It may be the last week of sweet corn for the year. Savor it! How about this sweet corn with jalapeno butter, or maybe go all out for this sweet corn mac and cheese. Or a favorite around here is to cut the corn off the cob for tacos. Yum.

Sneak peek for next week:




Romano Beans?

All the best from all of us,

Heather, Brandon and Maybelle




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