Week 12

IMG_2774 full share (above)

IMG_2778 medium share

IMG_2781small share

Hello friends and members!

Back to Summer

It looks like we will all be enjoying a week of mid-to-upper 80’s temperatures, so some of our summertime crops might get a bit of a reprieve! We are hoping to get some eggplant out of the fields in the next week or two, since they are starting, very slowly, to put on more fruits. Let’s just cross our fingers that we don’t get an early frost. I know! The F-word is upon us again! It’s hard to believe it, but the season and the fields are now transitioning from full summer crops to early fall crops, so tomatoes, corn and others are on the wane, and some cooler-season crops such as broccoli and greens are on the rise.

Member Party

We had a great time meeting lots of members on Saturday at our member party. A great time was had by all grilling pizzas, enjoying the sunshine, and touring the fields. Thanks everyone for bringing such great food and for sharing part of your weekend with us!

We really like to offer these gatherings as a warm-hearted thank you for your support. We truly love building our CSA community, and it means a lot to us to meet new friends, visit with long-time members, and really get at the heart of what the CSA business means to us. Yes, we love to grow beautiful vegetables and share them (and the awesome food that can be made from them!) with others, but what keeps us going is the satisfaction of being a part of and helping to build a greater sense of community and place in an increasingly disjointed world. It really is the members of the Sleepy Root community that make what we do possible!

  IMG_2767 folks at the party

IMG_2311 Last one at the party

This week’s box:

  • Head lettuce: Lovelock (1 for small and medium shares, 2 for full shares)
  • Onions (1 for small shares, 2 for medium shares, 3 for full shares)
  • Peppers (1 each for small shares, 2 each for medium and full shares)
  • Carrots (1# for small shares, 1 1/2 # for medium shares, 2# for full shares)
  • Broccoli (1# for small shares, 1 1/2# for medium shares, and 2# for full shares)
  • Summer Savory (1 bunch for all shares)
  • Cilantro (1 bunch for medium and full shares)
  • Potatoes (2# for small shares, 3# for medium shares)
  • Tomatoes (2# for full shares)
  • Melons (1 each for most of the medium shares, 1 each for all full shares)
  • Sweet Corn (4 for full shares)
  • Cucumber (1 each for full shares)
  • Kale (1 bunch for full shares)


We’re doing the melon rotation again this week. That means that all full shares get melons again, most of the mediums do, and those mediums that don’t get melons this week are up for next week.

Summer Savory

This herb is brand new to the boxes and to us at Sleepy Root! It looks remarkably like rosemary, and has a scent and taste like a cross between rosemary and sage. Summer savory is one of the traditional herbs in the Herbes du Provence blend, and is favored with beans and onions. We are happy to introduce it to our farm! It is fairly hardy, too, so we hope to make it an established member of our perennial herb garden. Our friends at the Kitchn have a great blog entry about summer savory, we suggest you check it out!

IMG_2784summer savory


Since it seems like it’s going to be hot and humid this week, let’s take a look at some recipes that feel right to eat in this kind of weather. I think this will be the week to revel in the summertime favorites, all too soon we’ll be roasting everything, eating tons of hearty soups and stews, and reminiscing on this week’s crops.

If you got tomatoes in your box, run, don’t walk, to make a BLT for lunch. We are planning on having a few this week to say a fond farewell to the always-fleeting tomato season. Whether or not you want the bacon, look at this fun article/video from the NY Times that tells you how to make an awesome tomato sandwich.

If you’ve got potatoes, I’d steer you towards a great summer potato salad. Try the New Potato and Egg Salad on our website, or make a fabulous skin-on mash. We’d also recommend roasting them with olive oil, salt, and a big handful of that summer savory you got in your box.

Next Week Sneak Peek:

  • Romano Beans (for real this time)
  • Shelling Beans?
  • Shiso
  • Broccoli
  • Baby Kale

IMG_2314what’s the deal with this bean? Maybelle checking to see if the rad pink and green shelling beans will be ready for next week

All the best from all of us,

Heather, Brandon, Maybelle, Frank, and the crew


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