Week 10

IMG_2757full share

IMG_2746 medium share

IMG_2742small share

Hello, hello good people,

The Summer hits keep coming this week, more sweet corn, more tomatoes, more peppers! The zucchini plants are starting to slow down, so this might be the last week for them.  It’s been really hot around here the last few days, though it sounds like cooler weather is on the way.  Don’t forget the member party is coming up Saturday Aug 29th!  Should be a lot of fun.  We’ll be grilling pizzas with all sorts of good things to put on them.  RSVP if you can make it!

The Bashful Eggplant

Our eggplant has been rather slow to develop fruit this year.  Maybe you’ve noticed the absence of those deep purple beauties.  Several area farmers are experiencing the same thing: lush, healthy plants and not many fruits! We are a bit puzzled by their hesitancy–we believe they are actually dropping their flowers before they develop. Hopefully they will be coming around soon…

The Rotating Melon

The melons are just starting to come into ripeness, but there aren’t quite enough for everybody to have them all in the same week. For this week, full Shares all got melons this week, and some of the medium shares did. We will rotate melons through all the medium share drop sites to ensure that everyone gets some!

 In the Box:

  • Sweet Corn (6 for small shares, 8 for medium, 12 for full)
  • Tomatoes (1 1/2# for small shares, 2# for medium, 3# for full)
  • Potatoes (2 1/2# for small shares, 3# for medium 4# for full)
  • Cilantro (1 bunch per share)
  • Peppers (1 for small, 2 for medium and full shares)
  • Hot Peppers (1 for small and medium, 2 for full shares)
  • Basil (1 small bunch for mediums, 1 large bunch for full shares)
  • Summer Squash (2 for full shares)
  • Cucumbers (1 for medium shares)
  • Melons (full shares, some medium shares)


This is another great week to revel in the hits of the height of summer. The sweet corn will be gone before we know it, so be sure to enjoy every last drop. A tip for storage: if you can bear to eat less corn one of these weeks, cut the kernels off (raw) and freeze them in a plastic zip-top bag. Save the cobs and freeze them separately, they make a great corn flavored broth for a wintry chowder! When you’re ready to eat the corn, throw the kernels, still frozen, into a super hot saute pan with butter or olive oil and you’ll hardly know they weren’t fresh off the cob. I’d also recommend making some salsa with your corn this season, this roasted one is great! This raw corn and zucchini salad is tasty and quick.

New potatoes are a true summer treat, and everyone got lots of them this week. I’ve put a link to one of the very best potato salads ever right here. It’s a modern version of a French classic, and I think you’ll love it. Dairy free, too! Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy new potatoes is steamed and tossed with a little butter and salt, or steamed/roasted and tosses with crispy bacon bits and a little bit of the bacon fat. Add a squeeze of lemon juice or vinegar, and enjoy the simple beauty of this wondrous little tuber.

Sneak Peek of Next Week:

  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet Corn
  • Peppers
  • Eggplant?
  • Melons

All the best from all of us,

Heather, Brandon, Maybelle, Frank and the crew


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