The boxes are coming!

Greetings, everyone! We are always amazed at how quickly the first part of spring goes. The past few months have been busy tilling, transplanting, seeding in the ground and the greenhouse, and yes, even weeding! We hope this update finds you well and that you have been enjoying the pleasant, albeit erratic weather.

We are excited to say that first boxes will be delivered, as anticipated, the week of June 16th. Depending on your pick up site, your first CSA delivery will be on Tuesday the 16th or Thursday the 18th.  To double check delivery day for your site look up your sign-up confirmation email from us or peek at the pick up sites page. We still have about a dozen spots open, so if you know any procrastinators out there, give them a friendly nudge!

You will be receiving site-specific emails letting you know details about your pick-up location and times. All boxes will be at the drop sites by 3 p.m., and after the first two weeks of deliveries we’ll be able to better pinpoint specific drop off times.

IMG_1878_2 Weeding lettuce


unnamedTransplanting sweet corn

We have nearly a full crew working now, (Joe joins us in a week!) and we’re delighted to have this group with us this year. They have been super busy right along with us making the gardens grow. We have transplanted the first three successions of broccoli (that’s nearly 1,000 plants!) and the first three successions of corn. We’ve seeded tons of beautiful green and yellow beans. We’ve got Napa cabbage and pac choi busy getting big and tasty in the ground. We are also in the midst of laying the last of the mulch in order to transplant eggplants, peppers, squash and melons.  Not to mention all the carrots, beets, herbs, greens, radishes and peas popping up!

IMG_1813 Napa Cabbage 4 weeks ago

IMG_1877 Napa Cabbage last week! Yikes!

IMG_1876_2Napa grown under row cover (on right), vs Napa grown without row cover (on left).  The row cover traps heat and moisture while letting in sun and rain and can make a big difference in the early spring.

We received a few requests that we start forecasting box contents a week in advance to help members with meal planning. We’re going to give it a shot this year, just remember that this “what’s coming next” list is an educated guess and may be subject to change. Our greatest priority is providing our members with the highest quality produce that can be found, so we may occasionally need to change the box contents. That being said, we’re looking at the following for your very first Sleepy Root Farm vegetable box:

Heirloom head lettuces

Cherry belle radishes

Pea shoots (?)


Garlic scapes (?)

Sorrel (?)


Spring onions

Bok choi

Plus a special surprise…

unnamed-1Can you see our fox snake friend? This helpful creature is a voracious rodent eater. Its great to see so much biodiversity on the farm-one of the many non-edible benefits of organic farming!

All the best from all of us,

Heather, Brandon, and Maybelle


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