Late winter update

Greetings, friends and members!

Look who’s here:
We welcomed our sweet little Maybelle Lee into the world on November 11, and have been loving our time with her this winter. She’s amazing, and fantastic, and we can’t believe she’s almost three months old now.
IMG_1611 IMG_0137
We are somehow managing to get our crop plans worked out, seed catalogs looked at, and otherwise preparing for what looks to be an awesome 2015 growing season. We are going to pick up our new tractor this week, (a John Deere 5103) and are excited to be slowly adding important mechanization to our farm’s inventory. We are looking for employees for the season, so if you or anyone you know who is interested, they can go here to learn more and to apply.
Heather has been busy working on a new recipe section of the website, and hopes to have it go live soon.  All of you parents out there will probably laugh out loud to hear her say that she had NO IDEA how little time you have for anything else when you’ve got a baby in the house! We welcome any member submissions for the recipe section, too.
Brandon continues to spend a lot of time serving as the President of the board of the Hungry Turtle Farmers Co-op, and it looks like cooperative CSA delivery services will be offered again this year.
We are going to raise our prices a little bit for the 2015 season, in our continuing attempt to keep up with the cost of living and in an attempt to make a living wage for ourselves and our employees. Anyone who signs up prior to March 1st can get in on the old prices.
Our best wishes to you all, please call or email us if you have any questions or comments or concerns. We’d love to talk to you! Otherwise, we look forward to seeing your sign ups roll in. As usual, you can simply visit our website and click on the CSA sign up link to join in support of fresh, local, tasty vegetables and the farmers who grow them!

All the best from all of us,
Brandon, Heather, Maybelle and Frank


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