One week left until first delivery!

Hello all good members,

We are on track for the first CSA boxes of the year to go out in one week!  Tuesday members will see their first boxes on June 17th and Thursday members will receive their first shares on June 19th.  An email will be sent out later this week giving more details on your specific site location.

As we are getting closer to the first box we are also making a final push to meet our member goals for the year.  We are shooting for 150 members and are currently at 132.  Spread the word!  With a little help we should be able to meet that goal and keep the farm’s growth on track!

The steady rains and the rising heat have been kicking things into high speed on the farm.   We have been busy transplanting our summer crops like tomatoes and peppers and tending to our spring crops like peas and lettuce.  We’ve added a major time saver to the farm this year–a waterwheel transplanter.  This device allows two people to ride on the back, placing transplants into holes that the machine punches out and fills with water.  You can see it in action on the farm on our facebook page.

A few weeks ago Megan joined our team.  She has been a wonderful addition to the farm

megan working the transplanter with peppers on board
Megan working the transplanter with peppers on board

and will be with us all season.  Megan recently moved from North Dakota and lives in a nearby town.   Our second employee for the season, Ben, is joining us this week from West Virginia.  We are excited to have some great help around to make this season happen for everyone.



Tomatoes freshly transplanted
Tomatoes freshly transplanted
An early peak at the fields
An early peek at the fields
Peppers transplanted
Peppers transplanted


A peak at Red Russian Kale under the row cover
A peek at Red Russian Kale under the row cover

The two items that really dominate what are fields look like in early spring are plastic mulch (all dark green on the ground that the tomatoes and peppers are planted into) and floating row cover (the fabric that the kale is underneath).  We use the mulch to help keep weeds down around some of our longer season crops like tomatoes.  It also heats the soil providing a warm spot to transplant heat loving crops into.  The white row cover is a great way to keep flea beetles off of all of our brassica and mustard family plants (broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, radishes, mustard greens) and retain moisture in the soil to help direct seeded crops like carrot seeds germinate.

We are all excited about the start of vegetable deliveries!  Look for an email soon on details for your pick up site!

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