Late Winter Update

Good day to you all,

It feels like spring is officially on it’s way: day light savings has kicked in, the sun is higher in the sky and we seem to have lost about a foot and a half of snow cover over the last week! We at Sleepy Root are waking out of our slumber and are itching to get back outside and get our hands in the dirt.

 It’s been an active winter for us:  not only have we been planning for another season in which we hope to grow our farm business by 50%, we are seeking our USDA Organic certification this year. It’s a lot of work and big step in showing our commitment and dedication to the principles we hold to our members and our farming community.

We also had the happy event of our wedding in February! We were so grateful to have so many friends and family come out and celebrate with us for a beautiful snowy weekend at the farm.

Late Winter and Spring around here start getting busy pretty fast.  We will start growing our onions (all 15,000 of them!) the week of March 17th in trays in a neighbor’s greenhouse which should give us enough time to finish building our new greenhouse that we started last fall.  Once that is completed we will begin a steady stream of seeding transplants in the greenhouse at the beginning of April.  Once it warms up enough, and if it’s not too wet, we (hopefully) will be working the soil and seeding in the field by mid to late April.

Inline image 1

We are starting to fill up our CSA shares, so if you know anyone who is looking for a quality CSA or if you are a previous member who wants to renew for the 2014 season, please do so soon to secure your spot!  As usual we are adding a few new exciting varieties to the line-up of vegetables this season and have integrated feedback from members into our box plans including earlier tomatoes, more cherry tomatoes, and my personal promise of this being the year of the melon!  You’ll all be happy to know there will be considerably less eggplant this year as well.  Any more feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

We are still looking for two employees to come work with us this summer, if you know any one who might be interested in working on a small scale vegetable farm with organic practices feel free to point them to our website.

We are looking forward to another great season and hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather!


Brandon and Heather


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