Box 14- Fajita Party Time!

It’s that time of year, time for Old-Man-Winter’s more congenial younger cousin Not-So-Old-Man-Frost to threaten a visit to our fragile fields.  When the eve of that day comes panic ensues and we frantically harvest everything that is left in the fields too tender to take a little freeze.  In anticipation of this imminent event (maybe tonight?  maybe next week?) we have gone and started harvesting clean the pepper plants to give their fruit safe harbor in your home.  And as tradition goes, large amounts of bell and sweet peppers means fajita party time!  Suitably we have also loaded you up with your usually tomato fix and an unusually large amounts of onions.  You’ll have to supply the rest (tortillas, cumin, did you freeze any of that corn we sent you?, steak or chicken if your the carnivore type).  In my opinion, the spice cumin is what makes fajitas fajitas, so no matter what incarnation you make, make sure to load it up with this flavorful south-of-the-border spice.  If you’ve never tried making your own flour tortillas, I highly recommend trying to, its fun and makes the meal that much more satisfying.

The line up for the week:

Mixed Lettuce
Onions, onions, onions
Bell Peppers, Bell Peppers
Sweet Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers 
Eggplant or Broccoli
Spinach (full share only)
Basil or Cilantro
Dill Heads
Cherry Tomatoes

Enjoy the box this week, it looks like we may get by without a frost for another week or so, (lower parts of our field freeze sometime even if the general temp is not below 32 degrees) but savor each bite of those tomatoes as if its the last!


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