Box 18

half share

Ah, we all knew this day would come.  I remember thinking about the first box this past winter with great excitement wrapped around nervousness which was pacified with the knowledge that not only will there be a first box, but there will also be a last.  And like all things in life, it has come sooner than expected.  But, fear not, because not only is there a last box, but there will also be a first (next year)!

A lot of items in this box and the last weeks will keep for quite a while.  This past spring we were still eating cabbage from the previous fall, it does great if kept in plastic in the back of the fridge. Brussels are kind of like little cabbages and store well too.  The onions will keep a few more weeks.  The shallots should be good for a few months.   Most of your squashes will last through November and likely into December if kept in a cool, dry place.  Check for damaged or soft spots occasionally on any produce you keep long term.  As soon as they start becoming obvious, you best get eating!

In the box:

Brussels Sprouts
Kabocha Sunshine!
Hot Peppers
Onions and/or Shallots
Collard greens/ Rainbow Chard/Kale (full share only)

Rutabaga is new to the half shares this week.  A personal favorite in the root department.  Brussels Sprouts and Rutabaga are great roasted together with some thyme and carrots and beets if you still have ’em.  Some people like Rutabagas boiled then mashed like a potato.  Apparently the food network has been referring to them as “Swedes.”  I can’t think of any other food that is also the name of a people.


It has been a pleasure sharing vegetables with you fine people all spring, summer and fall.  There’s been a lot of good meals, a lot of crying over small onions, a lot of really hot days, and a lot of joy and learning.  Thanks to those of who came out to member events or chatted at drop sites and markets–its been great getting to know you and to be part of your lives.  Thanks to all those who helped work the farm over the season.  I feel so blessed and grateful to everyone that made it possible for the first year of Sleepy Root to be a success.   Thank you for your support, it has given us a chance to learn, rejoice, and find satisfaction in the labor of love that is farming.  I hope your experience has been enriching and that we’ll be bringing you vegetables next year as we grow and make the farm better and better.


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