Box 17 and the Overly Occupied Newsletter

Hello all,

half share

This has been the week that an unusually warm fall breeze swept me off the farm and into beta-carotene heaven.  I have been eating so much squash and started juicing all of the broken carrots that haven’t been going in boxes or brought to farmers markets over the last month (I ran out of room in the fridge so I had to do something).   I’m already two cups in on carrot juice today and will be making squash gnocchi for dinner with a sage bechamel. Yum!

In the box this week:

Beets or Rutabaga
Carnival and Sweet Dumpling Squash
Kohlrabi (full only)
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Red Cabbage

So, why the “occupied” newsletter?  Well, I’ve been brooding over macro economics obsessively (like many of us) over the last few months, and the first draft of this newsletter looked more like an abstract from a manifesto than a CSA weekly update.  So instead of having a multipage newsletter and this space becoming too politicized, I cut and pasted it to this facebook note for those who are interested in the economic philosophies of their farmer.  Its in reaction to Occupy MN, but mostly about me (likely naively) putting local economies on an alter and even more so me becoming sentimental because of the end of the season and the great gratitude I have for all you who were part of Sleepy Root this year.

Savor the box, there’s only one more week after this!

Brian and Adam enjoying the beautiful day after harvesting and farmers market last week


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