Box 15 aka Potato Leek Soup

There are many ways to make this classic soup.  Typical ingredients include potatoes, (which you have in three patriotic colors), broth (which the celery and carrots are for) an herb (such as thyme), cream/butter and, of course, a healthy dose of leeks.  Perfect!  Nothing much better to warm the bones on a chilly night.

half share
My good friend Brian Mitchel joined the farm for autumn and we have begun the long list of fall chores: we are taking down tomato trellaces, pulling up zucchini plants and still holding onto hope for a tasty honey dew somewhere in the patch for a snack.  Our fingers and toes get chilled and we have split the firewood for winter and eat warm comfort food for dinner.

The box this week:

Winter Squash 
Collard Greens
Hot peppers
Sweet Peppers (full only)

Fulls get Butternut for the Squash, Acorn for Half’s.  I hope your all taking notes on the Winter Squashes and which you like best.  My two favorites have already been in the boxes (Kabocha Sunshine and Buttercup).  Watch out half shares–your hot peppers do not come in the usual red bags this week.  Enjoy!



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