Box 14 aka Fajita party


It was a cold week on the farm.  The field got hit with a solid frost Wednesday night.  Thanks to the help of Brian and Kelsey and a neighbor who has giant tarps, we were able to save a small portion of the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.  All the other peppers and tomatoes were frantically harvested and stored to avoid cold damage, and, because we picked almost every sweet pepper out of the field, this weeks box is officially the fajita box!  We’ve been eating delicious pepper and onion fajitas all week long–so if you haven’t made fajitas yet this summer, now is your chance!  I typically saute or grill mine with a healthy dose of cumin and wrap in homemade flat bread–which is easier to make than you might think, they’ll be a flat bread recipe posted on the recipe page soon.

In the box:

Peppers peppers peppers (hot and sweet)
Onions Onions
Spicy Salad
Buttercup squash
Romanesco (full only)
Honey Dew

Honey Dew will be outside of the box.  Make sure to grab one at your pick up site.  At Hampden Park they will be set next to the boxes with a “sleepy root” label on them.  Full shares have a much anticipated treat in them this week–romanesco!  Use it like you would its cousins cauliflower or broccoli. This crazy Fibonacci-sequence of a vegetable is one of my favorites both for its superior taste and texture as well as its psychedelic appearance.  Each “spike” can be separated easily and is great roasted with thyme.

The winter squash this week is buttercup.  The texture of this squash is fantastic (I tend to prefer the heavier, dryer squashes).  After roasting, try scooping out the flesh and mixing with brown sugar and butter, then placing back into the shell and roasting for another 10 minutes for a sweeter treat.

Also, make sure to savor the glory that is tomatoes this week–depending on the productivity or the few plants that were saved, it may be the last time tomatoes make it into the boxes this year.  It was an even shorter affair than usual this year, here’s to making the most of it!


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