Box 10

I wasn’t sure if it was fully appropriate or not, so as we were packing this week’s boxes full of sweetcorntomatopeppereggplant- our favorite belly bursting, mouth watering treats- I turned to Brandon to ask: “is it OK if I brag in this week’s

Half share

newsletter?” It was more of a statement than an inquiry.

We’re quite proud of what we’ve been able to produce in our first go-around, especially in what’s been described as an “all-bets-are-off” kind of season. And we’re both fortunate and glad that you all could share in it with us, and hope that we can keep these heavy boxes rolling for ya through week 18.

Without further ado, this week’s harvest:

Full share:
Sweet Corn
Tomatos (both heirloom and cherry varieties)
Peppers (the hot varieties are seperated from the sweet- the hot ones are in the bags)
Half Share:
Sweet Corn
Peppers (hot ones in bags)
With heirloom tomatoes, I like to keep it simple. A delicious and easy appetizer can be made by slicing up a baguette and laying the slices on a baking sheet, topped by a cut of fresh mozzarella, a slice of tomato on top of that, a few leaves of basil as garnish, and then some olive oil drizzled over, with salt, pepper, and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Just slide it into the oven for a bit and see how many times you impatiently check it.  As I say, I like to keep it simple with tomatoes- their world of flavor has no trouble announcing itself. 

Anyays, hope ya’ll enjoy the boxes- see ya next week!



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