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CSA Shares for 2015 are Available!

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 Sleepy Root Farm is a five acre produce farm located outside Amery, WI.  Growing food is our way of connecting to the greater ecosystem that surrounds and supports us.  We  recognize that it is the soil, the water, the air and the myriad creatures both big and small that make this bountiful life possible, and so treat it as such.

We offer 3 different share sizes for different needs and deliver to multiple Twin Cities and East of Twin Cities locations on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Below are images from 2013’s Medium and Full Shares. 

                                                         2013’s Medium Shares:

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                                                              2013’s Full Shares:

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Belonging to a CSA

Simply put, is buying a share of the farm for a season.  In return you receive a box full of beautiful vegetables, herbs and fruit every week for 18 weeks through the months of June to October, delivered to your neighborhood.

Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) is one of the best ways to be grounded  locally through food, aligning yourself with the seasonal pulse that shapes and supports the living world around us.

We strongly believe that the food we eat is one of the most sacred parts of our lives–and, because so, we grow our food in the healthiest ways, never using methods or chemicals that poison the beneficial organisms of the soil or linger on so much of the produce in our grocery aisles.

By subscribing to the CSA you are strengthening your local economy and the relations of the people that compose it.  Also giving you a greater say in how your food is produced. Your membership helps determine the direction of our farm and allows us to invest in the summer’s crop at the beginning of the season through member support.

Part of the beauty of life is the unpredictabilities–sometimes it means surplus produce, sometimes it means unanticipated hail storms and droughts that reduce the amount of vegetables in your weekly box.  Instances of a rough season are the times that the “community support” portion of CSA’s are needed the most for farmers. By subscribing you are also taking on the risk of the season. We promise to do everything within our abilities to ensure a fruitful season, but some things are simply out of our control.  Conversly, when the going is good, you will be the first to share in the bounty!

On a deeper level, we believe this is an axiom of meaningful relationships, economic and personal.  Community is taking the good and the bad together, and coming out stronger, more resilient and with a greater sense of connection because of it.  And that’s what its all about!  To us, good food is only a portion of the mission–creating community and fostering meaningful exchanges is just as important.

By becoming a member you are joining a mindful community that supports local agriculture which in turn enriches our community.  A community that believes eating should not just fill our bellies, but our soul as well.

Still not sure if a CSA is right for you?  Learn more about what to expect from becoming a member, check out this short video.

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